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Introducing a wellbeing program to assist you in your ongoing recovery and guide you towards living a fulfilling life. Designed for you to complete from the comfort of your home and to fit in with your daily routine (or to help create one!), this program comprises of two essential parts. The first part focuses on inspiration and information, providing you with valuable insights and motivation. It is designed to empower you with the knowledge and encouragement needed to embark on your wellness journey. In the second part, the spotlight is on you. You decide what aspects of your wellbeing (physical, mental, or emotional) could use attention, creating a personalised Wellbeing plan. The plan will serve as a roadmap to positive change. Change can be challenging, so that is why you will be supported by an accredited Health Coach. They will offer guidance, encouragement, and expertise to help you navigate the challenges that can arise when embracing change.



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