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Elevate Workplace Wellbeing & Leadership

We have tailored our award winning wellbeing program for the corporate environment to redefine the way organisations elevate their teams' wellbeing and performance.

The Change Room Elevate is a 12-month wellbeing and leadership program for your organisation that inspires your team to make sustainable improvements that has been proven to;

  • Improve the skills and ability of leadership to build a cohesive and engaged work culture that elevates productivity and wellbeing of the team 

  • Improve the physical, mental and emotional heath, wellbeing and resilience of your team

We don't just know it works... we guarantee it.

Delivered in two streams: for business leaders and their teams



The impact that inspiring leaders can have on your team is profound. They have the greatest influence on your teams' performance, culture and wellbeing.

The leadership stream of the Elevate program provides your leaders with the tools and support to create a thriving team. Delivered on site through quarterly interactive workshops by Matt Elliott and Dr Ali Walker, your team will have access to the best minds in leadership, performance and culture development in a responsive program to build an engaged and inspiring leadership team.

Surfing at Sunset


Happy, health and resilient staff are productive. 

The wellbeing and resilience streams provides holistic tools targeting the elevation of physical and  mental capacities for all employees (staff and leadership) and runs concurrently to the leadership stream.

Delivered to your team through the following sessions:

Anthony Minichiello - Building physical health through nutrition and movement

Nam Baldwin – Breath enhancement training to elevate sleep hygiene and control stress

Dr Ali Walker – Elevating wellbeing through communication and connections at work

Jeff Hardy - The indigenous timeless practices to elevate your wellbeing

Matt Elliott – Developing capacities to improve mental health and build


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Analysis of the ELEVATE program is completed over the 12 month deployment to measure sustained improvements to employee wellbeing, culture and performance as well as clearly defined Return on Investment.

Sustainable improvement in your teams mental health, resilience and overall wellbeing

Increase in communication, engagement and team productivity

Decrease in employee absenteeism

Reduction in workers compensation; claims, costs and duration


We already have a wellbeing schedule - how does your program align with what we already have in place?

That's fantastic, that you already have components in place for your teams wellbeing. In our initial meetings we will look to understand what you have in place and will tailor the content and structure of the Elevate program to your teams needs.

Do your team really come to our site?

Yes - definitely. In these days of endless video calls, our preference is for all of our sessions to be in person and at your site. Our in person, interactive format is the best way to inspire your team.

How is the schedule set for our organisation?

We have refined the suggested schedule over many years and have found that sessions at well-timed intervals deliver the best engagement from your team. We also understand that each organisation is unique so through either discussions or through the feedback of the wellbeing and culture survey we can tailor the delivery program to suit your needs.

How do you measure the impact of the program?

The program's impact is measured both qualitatively and quantitatively via a participant survey. These results are then analysed against your organisation's WHS indicators such as absenteeism, number on (workers compensation) claim, time on claim and cost to the business.

Our organisation is geographically dispersed - how will this work for our team?

There are a few options however our first choice is to deliver all sessions for your team in person and at your site. Getting your team to a central location for these sessions would be ideal however a hybrid approach can be used whereby some workers are In-person and sone join online from another location.

What happens if we would like something slightly different to the Elevate program for our team?

We love collaborating with organisations to build a bespoke program to suit your teams needs. Contact us at or on 02 9055 5070 to see what we can do.


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We presented to the Office of Sport fortnightly team meeting In August. Our mentor Ali Walker conducted an online presentation titled "Building Resilience Through Connection"...

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