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We understand that the consequences of the last few years have resulted in widespread burnout, stress, fatigue and adverse health outcomes in the working environment.  

To create a happier, healthier and more productive team you need to INSPIRE them to take action. 

Our bespoke programs can complement your existing wellbeing schedule, to create lasting and sustained improvements in employee and teams wellbeing.

Contact us to see how we can develop a solution to suit your business needs. 

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Building Emotional Capacities & Resilience

Through Matt’s experience as an NRL Head Coach- his relentless pursuit was to discover how to merge wellbeing with high performance for his team. Because all the tools that work for an athlete can work for you. Matt is very relatable, makes his audiences feel comfortable, no matter the age, and brings better understanding of mental resilience through a light -hearted and engaging presentation 

Matt's sessions can cover: 

  • Leadership and communication strategies when the pressure is on 

  • Mental health and self -care processes to enable you and your team to flourish 

  • The role of emotions when under stress and tools to improve decision making and thrive under pressure 

  • Improved ability to understand and control mental and emotional state 

  • Creating a Leadership Mindset for your organisation


Food for Health

As a professional athlete, Mini suffered serious spinal injuries on the field. He was told by doctors he'd never play again. Determined to find a solution and extend his playing career, Mini developed groundbreaking nutrition and exercise techniques to repair his injuries 

Anthony's sessions can cover:

  • Building physical health through nutrition and movement 

  • The role food plays in healing from injury  

  • Better eating principles to build health and wellbeing  

  • Nutrition for optimum health, wellbeing and performance at work.  

  • Movement and exercise with practical demonstrations. 

  • Gain increased mental clarity and energy throughout the day 

  • An overall shift in mindset and mood (feeling happier, less aggravated) 




Dr Ali Walker is an author, Social Scientist, and media presenter in the field of sociology and social psychology. Ali talks about the benefits of human connection and culture and how to understand and work with your personal connection type.

Ali demonstrates her philosophy through her quirky stories on how human connection and social interactions are linked to happiness and wellbeing.

Ali's sessions can cover:

  • A greater understanding of how humans connect and interact

  • Growing community and support networks

  • Relationships- build bridges and find ways to work together

  • Improving confidence connecting with others


Breathing & Sleeping

Through the simplification of the complicated science behind the brain, body performance and breathing, Nam’s session delivers the link between breathing and the overall health and wellbeing of your mind and body.

With a world-class lesson on breathing, participants can impact their emotional and physical state to move from a state of stress into a state of calm and improve sleep quality.

Nam's sessions can cover:

  • The ability to control emotions through breathing

  • Improved responses to stress and anxiety

  • Better decision making when under pressure

  • The ability to fall asleep faster

  • Stronger and more consistent sleep patterns

  • Increased mood

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We presented to the Office of Sport fortnightly team meeting In August. Our mentor Ali Walker conducted an online presentation titled "Building Resilience Through Connection"...

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