Rowdy McLean

Rowdy McLean is Australia’s most experienced leadership speaker and mentor. An expert in both business and leadership who works with organisations across the globe delivering more than 1200 presentations to over 1,000,000 people in 17 countries.

His two best-selling books Play a Bigger Game and Leadability have been published in 7 countries and was recently voted Australia’s best Public Speaker. Rowdy has over 30 years experience, study and research into what makes leaders great, what gets in the way of that greatness and how to build great leaders that drive great businesses.

​Rowdy’s sessions can cover:

  • How to play a bigger game – in health, work and life
  • Leadability – the foundations that allow great leaders to inspire their workforce
  • Simplicity in business – the art of streamlining to improve performance
  • Cultural dynamics – creating a thriving and performing culture
  • Customer Service – Creating an environment that produces exceptional customer outcomes

Susan Pearse

Susan is a 4 x Bestselling author on Conscious Leadership and practices to boost wellbeing and productivity. With over 25 years of experience working with leadership teams at all levels, her passion is helping leadership teams create healthy, happy and thriving cultures.

Susan has an engaging and interactive presenting style that focuses on creating an experience for the audience that elevates awareness of the session content and outcomes.

Susan’s sessions can cover:

  • Self Awareness and Mindset
  • Conscious Leadership
  • Adapting to Change
  • Women in Leadership
  • Psychological safety
  • Balancing Performance and Work Life Balance
  • Stress Management and “Busyness”
  • Relationships and Influence

Matt Elliott

Through Matt’s 20 + years experience as an NRL Head Coach, his relentless pursuit was to discover how to merge wellbeing with high performance for his team.

These techniques whilst refined in high-performance sports are applicable to ALL individuals and teams looking to be better… And it’s not just theory, in the early 2000’s Matt was diagnosed with a serious autoimmune disease that doctors said he’d be stuck with for the rest of his life. After a year of constant pain and suffering, he turned to cutting-edge techniques being used in sports that cured him of his disease.

Through this turnaround in his health and Matt’s fascination with the link between leadership, wellbeing, recovery and performance, began the foundations of  The Change Room as it stands today.

Matt is so passionate about sharing practices that enable people to find a better way and is at his best across the following topics

  • Leadership and communication strategies when the pressure is on
  • Mental health and self-care processes to enable you and your team to flourish
  • The role of emotions under stress and tools to improve decision making under pressure
  • Improved ability to understand and control our mental and emotional states
  • Creating a Leadership Mindset for your organisation
  • Authentic leadership

Anthony Minichiello

Anthony (Mini) was the poster boy for Rugby League and played for Sydney Roosters, NSW and Australia, winning numerous individual and team awards on the way.

Shortly after receiving the world’s Best Rugby League Player award, Mini suffered a series of spinal injuries, and the specialists told him he would never play contact sports again.

This led Mini on a search to understand why his injuries had occurred and determined to find a way to heal his body, he discovered more about the role our food has in improving our health. Mini has worked with thousands of individuals to improve their physical health and reverse type 2 diabetes through the same practices that helped him recover from injury and improve his health.

You can find Mini at schools with his Minifit business, geeking out with amazing people on The Change Room’s podcast with Matt Elliott or sharing his knowledge with audiences on the following:

  • Leadership in high-performing teams
  • The role food plays in improving our physical health
  • An inspirational journey from career-ending injuries to peak health and purpose

Dr Ali Walker

Dr Ali Walker is an author, Social Scientist, and media presenter in the field of human behaviour and social psychology. Ali’s research on how this applies to leadership, group dynamics and creating thriving cultures is unparalleled. Ali has worked with such a wide range of individuals and understands the unique challenges of turning theory into action.

Ali shares her research through engaging and entertaining stories on how human connection and social interactions are linked to happiness, wellbeing, and improving your life expectancy.

Ali has an infectious energy that shines in front of an audience and is at her best when delivering sessions that cover:

  • Leadership and high-performing teams
  • Increasing life expectancy through the power of belonging and human connection
  • How to read the patterns in your relationship, team, family or organisational culture
  • Understanding your connection type & how this impacts group dynamics
  • Creating Psychological safety in teams
  • Tools that high-performing teams use to improve team communication & output

Nam Baldwin

With over 28 years of unparalleled experience in the global health, fitness, and wellbeing industries, Nam emerges as a distinguished expert in emotional and physiological intelligence and peak human performance.

His relentless pursuit of understanding success in high-pressure environments has made him a sought-after figure among elite athletes, teams, and business leaders. Nam possesses a rare talent for demystifying the science behind brain and body performance, simplifying complex concepts into actionable strategies.

Nam’s sessions focus on improving our performance and uses an interactive and engaging presentation style to cover the following topics:

  • The Science of Breathing and Emotional State: Delving into practices that transition from stress to calm, leveraging the power of breath to regulate emotions effectively.
  • Breathing Practices for Decision-Making and Communication: Exploring techniques that enhance clarity and effectiveness in decision-making and communication, even in high-pressure scenarios
  • Unlocking Performance through Recovery: Sharing key practices that optimise energy levels, enhance sleep quality, and elevate overall wellbeing, ultimately leading to enhanced performance in all facets of life.

Jeff Hardy

A former NRL star and proud Ualaroi man, Jeff was fortunate to have a great upbringing that involved the indigenous and Australian cultures.

Every person has a story and Jeff’s experience with an amazing family and severely autistic child has taught him to find purpose and positives in the things that matter most.

Through the power of story, Jeff shares the wisdom and knowledge that enabled indigenous Australians to exist in harmony with the land and in amazing health over tens of thousands of years. These timeless practices have stood the test of time and are sure to have an impact on you.

Jeff’s sessions can cover:

  • The indigenous wellbeing practices that improve wellbeing and connection
  • Creating a culture that improves the teams performance
  • The lessons we can all learn from connecting to nature
  • Creating structures that improve youth wellbeing, connection and purpose

Mark Hughes

Mark is a 2 x NRL premiership winner and shortly after the birth of Mark’s third child, he was diagnosed with high-grade brain cancer that unfortunately has no cure.

Mark knew he was in for the fight of his life and needed the best possible results to live a longer life. Through Mark’s recovery, he was determined to find purpose in his situation and started the Mark Hughes Foundation. Mark found practices that are grounded in science and will inspire you to feel happier and grateful for the things that really matter.

Mark is such an inspirational presenter who provides key practices to improve the audience’s mental health.

Mark sessions can cover:

  • An inspirational journey from illness to purpose
  • Creating practices that improve your mental health
  • Practices to remain positive through adversity

Andrew Ryan

Andrew’s Rugby League career was far from the ordinary. Andrew wasn’t the most gifted of athletes but he understood the importance of creating routines to improve his performance and of those in his team.

Through Andrew’s journey of winning an NRL premiership, journey into leadership and the challenges of life after high-performance sports, Andrew shares messages for people when faced with change and uncertainty.

Andrew provides simple strategies for daily routines that build wellbeing through finding purpose for you. Andrew is an engaging presenter that builds connections and inspires engagement to new wellbeing practices.

Andrew’s sessions can cover:

  • Creating an engaged team environment
  • Inspiring new leaders
  • Creating new routines when faced with change

Angela Lockwood

An Aspiring Olympic Hockey player who overcame a brain injury and went on to start a new life and career. Angela’s recovery practices led her to work with many organisations to share practices that find calm through the noise of everyday life.

In this life of constant distraction, understanding how we use our time and energy is so important and can greatly improve our lives if we get it right.

These practices are applicable to all ages and demographics and have been proven to increase engagement, happiness and resilience.

Angela’s sessions can cover:

  • The Art of Focus. A Framework for Success
  • Harnessing a Switch Off Mindset
  • Parenting in the Age of Distraction
  • Cultivating Calm Families
  • Focused Learning for Busy Brains