Matt Elliott & John Daley founded The Change Room in 2016 with the aim to provide the best possible ways to recover from injury and build mental health and resilience to the people who needed it most.

Matt realised the tools he'd used for thirty years coaching professional athletes were also applicable to everyday health and wellbeing.


Matt joined forces with John Daley to develop methodology around using health, nutrition and exercise to heal. Matt knew it would work, as he'd used his own cutting-edge techniques to overcome a debilitating and painful illness doctors said was incurable.

They enlisted a team of internationally-renowned health and physical intelligence specialists; all experts in injury repair, overcoming adversity and mental resilience.

Together they use a mixture of high-performance techniques and common-sense approaches to teach participants new ways to manage stress, fortify health and activate healing.

The Change Room has grown to a team of Mentors and staff, who deliver programs in regions around NSW and across Australia through an online platform.