Game Plan for Wellbeing – Episode 4

Game Plan For Wellbeing

It’s week 4 of The Change Room Game Plan for Wellness. Anthony Minichiello talks with our founder Matt Elliott about the previous weeks ‘Game Plan’ challenges and how they have gone so far….no coffee was a challenge for Matt and probably a lot of us! Look at the previous week’s videos if you would like to catch up on the different tools our Mentors have provided and find the 1 or 2 things that really resonate with you.

Matt gives us some tips today to help us take back control of this 2021 remake of Groundhog Day. For most of us, our routines have been upended and changed dramatically through this period and we can get into a habit of letting the day take control of how we feel and what we do. Matt talks about the opportunities change can bring and taking time to improve …under threat, there is always opportunity.



Every morning for the next week before you jump into the day do this 2-minute routine

  1. Step Back: be aware of how you are feeling and how you want to feel?

  2. Step Up: What are your priority tasks for the day and they don’t need to be work-related. How & when will you get them done? How will it feel when you have completed them?

  3. Step In: With the energy of feeling the way you want, immediately move in the direction of getting your priority tasks done

If at any stage during the day you feel overwhelmed or overloaded do this 1-2min process.


Tip Sheet:

  • In these times of change look past the threat and find the opportunity; to learn, exercise and connect to others

  • Don’t make the list too big – usually, there are one or two key things that you really need to do to change the course of your day for good

  • When you have tasks to complete do the most difficult & most important first – eat that frog 😉

All the best from The Change Room team.


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