Helping your leaders perform under sustained pressure

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving work landscape, the demands on leaders have never been greater.

Remote work, tight deadlines, and the constant connectivity of the digital age have created challenges that traditional leadership approaches may struggle to address.

The Change Room is dedicated to cultivating exceptional leadership skills grounded in evidence-based practices.

Our leadership program is tailored to empower emerging leaders through to middle management, equipping them with the tools to excel in today’s fast-paced and digitally driven work environments.

What you will learn

Manage under pressure

Discover how to move from perceiving pressure as a threat to something that can be controlled and managed

The art of attraction

See why your state of mind is contagious and how it impacts your team

Feeling energetic

Learn how to move from a state of burnout and fatigue to a place where you can thrive with energy

Staying mindful

See how mindfulness practices used in elite sports improves emotional health and happiness

Learning to sleep

Dramatically improve the quality of your sleep to elevate wellbeing and performance

Communicating better

Learn communication techniques and strategies to lead your team through challenges and adversity


Workshop Mentors

Nam Baldwin

World-Renowned Breathing and Mindset Coach

With over 28 years experience in health, fitness, and wellbeing industries worldwide, Nam specialises in emotional and physiological intelligence and peak performance. He continually explores the achievement of success in high-pressure situations. Sought after by elite athletes, teams, and business leaders – his gift is to simplify the complicated science behind brain and body performance.

Dr. Ali Walker

Social Scientist and Bestselling Author

A distinguished human connection scientist and bestselling author in human behaviour and group dynamics. Dr Ali Walker addresses the determinants and practical skills for leadership success when team members work remotely and what leadership traits are necessary when team members are fatigued, burnt out and under sustained pressure at work.

Matt Elliott

Culture and Leadership Coach Former NRL Coach and Super League Coach of the Year

Matt has spent the past 28 years coaching professional athletes and leadership teams to create high performing and highly functional organisational cultures. Matt explores the practices that enable effective coaches to lead through adversity and inspire them to get the best out of their team. He leverages sports psychology principles to ensure individuals take personal ownership for their success and understand the impact they have on the culture and motivation of their team.


Workshop Schedule

Presented By

Nam Baldwin

Matt Elliott

Dr Ali Walker

Susan Pearse


  • An overview of the current workplace. You can’t have sustained performance without sustainable wellbeing practices
  • Key practices to help leaders improve their mindset under sustained pressure
  • Authentic leadership means you need to take care of yourself first
  • Developing practices that reduce burnout and fatigue


  • A Place of Transformation
  • Burn-OUT to Stand-OUT
  • Breath enhancement training to improve decision-making under pressure
  • Practical Practices & Performance
  • Building Influence to Lead

Presented By


  • Leadership through sustained pressure
  • Practical and activity-based learning to help leaders manage the emerging challenges of today’s workforce


  • The Change Process
  • A New Approach Required for Job Design & Workload
  • Building Mental & Emotional Capacities to Lead in Adversity
  • Communication to Elevate Wellbeing & Mental Health
  • Pathway to your Best Leadership
  • Code to Your Locker




Accor Stadium, Sydney Olympic Park

Program: Leading with Energy, Passion and Purpose

Day 1 - 13th August 2024 | Day 2 -

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Vulture St, Woolloongabba QLD 4102

Program: Leading with Energy, Passion and Purpose

Day 1 - 27th August 2024 | Day 2 - 28th August 2024

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