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Our team have achieved so much in high performance sports and business leadership and been fortunate to work with some of the most amazing humans on the planet. Their lived experience in the implementation of techniques through their pursuit of excellence or recovering from setbacks is what makes our team and sessions so engaging.

We deliver our content or keynote sessions through an immersive and interactive format that enhances comprehension and facilitates seamless integration of the session’s content into their work and home lives.

Our approach integrates sports science principles, backed by evidence and refined through successes with world champions, high-performance athletes, and business leaders.

We are dedicated to inspiring our audience to enhance teams and individuals; leadership, wellbeing, recovery and performance.

Rowdy McLean

Master Leadership Mentor and Keynote Speaker of the Year

Susan Pearse

Master Leadership Mentor, Keynote speaker and 4 x best selling author

Matt Elliott

The Change Room Founder
Leadership & Culture Coach

Jeff Hardy

Mentor For Young Indigenous People Former NRL Star

Mark Hughes

NRL Premiership Winner, Brain Cancer Survivor and creator of Mark Hughes Foundation

Andrew Ryan

Clontarf Foundation Mentor & Former NRL Captain

Angela Lockwood

Occupational Therapist, Speaker, Advisor, Author & Podcast Host

Dr Juliette Tobias-Webb

One of Australia’s finest Behavioural scientists on exploring change practices that improve performance


Wellness & Life Design Coach


Wellness & Life Design Coach


Wellness & Life Design Coach  


Wellness & Life Design Coach


Lead Coach and Technical Specialist

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