We create happier, healthier and more productive workforces through tailored leadership and wellbeing programs.

Born from our work in high-performance sports and business leadership, The Change Room specialises in simplifying the change process, enabling organisations to enhance their teams across 4 key areas;

  • Leadership
  • Wellbeing
  • Recovery
  • Performance


Let our world-class mentors inspire your team with customised programs designed to:

  • Equip your leadership group with effective tools to enhance their wellbeing and cultivate a positive organisational culture, especially during periods of sustained pressure, fatigue, and new working practices

  • Implement comprehensive wellbeing and resilience practices throughout your organisation to support the psychological and physical health of your employees

  • Introduce recovery practices borrowed from high-performance sports that have been proven to enhance productivity



Meet Our Team

We have access to an outstanding team – from best-selling authors to behavioural scientists, former professional sports stars to in-demand performance coaches and love working with clients to create an experience for their audience that is so memorable and engaging, that they are inspired into action.

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