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Your leaders are facing unprecedented challenges. 

Give your leaders the tools, strategies, and confidence to be at their best and 'lead the rest' by approaching performance from a wellbeing perspective.

  • How to move from perceiving pressure as a threat to something that can be managed

  • How to move from a state of burnout & fatigue to a place of thriving and an abundance of energy

  •  How to dramatically improve the quality of your sleep to elevate wellbeing and performance

  • Learn how your state is contagious and how this impacts your team

  • Mindfulness practices used in high performance sports to improve emotional health and happiness

  • Communication techniques and strategies to lead your team through challenge and adversity  


This workshop has been specifically designed to provide your leaders with cutting edge psychology and leadership tools that build resilience and a team identity in a hybrid workplace through unique access to coaches who train elite sports environments and business leaders when injury, burnout, remote working, and pressure are the norm.



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Culture and Leadership Coach

Former NRL Coach and Super League Coach of the Year.

Matt has spent the past 28 years coaching professional athletes and leadership teams to create high performing and highly functional organisational cultures. Matt explores the practices that enable effective coaches to lead through adversity and inspire them to get the best out of their team. He leverages sports psychology principles to ensure individuals take personal ownership for their success and understand the impact they have on the culture and motivation of their team.



Social Scientist and Bestselling Author

A distinguished human connection scientist and bestselling author in human
behaviour and group dynamics. Dr Ali Walker addresses the determinants and
practical skills for leadership success when team members work remotely and what leadership traits are necessary when team members are fatigued, burnt out and under sustained pressure at work.

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World-Renowned Breathing and Mindset Coach

With over 28 years experience in health, fitness, and wellbeing industries worldwide, Nam specialises in emotional and physiological intelligence and peak performance. He continually explores the achievement of success in high-pressure situations. Sought after by elite athletes, teams, and business leaders – his gift is to simplify the complicated science behind brain and body performance.



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At the conclusion participants will have:

  • A clear understanding of how to identify burnout and psychological overload for themselves and their team

  • The best wellbeing and resilience practices that counter burnout and fatigue

  • Improved strategies to strengthen resilience and to better bounce back when dealing with difficulties at work 

  • Greater self-awareness enabling improved self-management

  • An understanding of ways to protect their wellbeing from the stresses of professional life

  • Have strategies for staying positive when faced with adversity, and strategies for disengaging from destructive and negative interactions in the workplace

  • A better understanding of how to manage their energy levels so that they still have reserves in the tank to take home

  • A model of self-care that can support a professionally satisfying and sustainable work style

  • Have detailed and comprehensive strategies for building resilience in teams and workplaces




What Level of my leadership team is this workshop best suited to?

This workshop is for all levels of leadership that would like to learn the techniques used in high performance sport and businesses to improve their wellbeing and performance and how this can also help their team.

What are your COVID safety protocols?

Creating a safe and healthy environment is our number one priority. COVID practices are in place and updated regularly. 

Are there discounts available for group bookings?

Yes, discounted pricing can be found by selecting in the Pricing & Registration section of the website

What happens if  I'm unable to attend one or both days of the program?

Please phone the team on 02 955 5070 to reschedule to another date.

What will I need to bring with me on the day?

The in-person workshops are fully catered for, with several breaks throughout the day. There is nothing that you will need to bring with you except maybe a warm jacket.

I have some more questions - can I speak to someone about the workshop in more detail?

Absolutely - call us on 02 9055 5070 or send us an email on



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We presented to the Office of Sport fortnightly team meeting In August. Our mentor Ali Walker conducted an online presentation titled "Building Resilience Through Connection"...