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Game Plan for Wellbeing - Episode 1

In this episode, Matt talks with Anthony Minichiello about the importance of nutrition and eating well to help us feel healthy whilst we are at home. Take a look at the video and the challenge for this week.


  • For 2-weeks eat only three meals and cut out all snacks

  • Give your digestion a rest for 12 hours every day by leaving a space between dinner & breakfast for the 2-week challenge

  • OPTIONAL: 10 days off coffee

Tip Sheet:

  • Get outside and get some direct sunlight on your face

  • Walk on the grass with bare feet (Earthing)

  • Know the source of your food and how you prepare it (for more info go to )

  • Cut the CRAP

    • Carbonated Drinks

    • Refined Sugars

    • Artificial Sweeteners & Colours

    • Processed Foods

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