Game Plan for Wellbeing – Bonus Episode

Game Plan For Wellbeing
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Welcome to The Change Room Game Plan for Wellbeing.


We know that a good night’s sleep is such an important step to being your best self and sometimes there are factors such as shift work, increased workload or social outings that can impact the length or quality of our sleep.


As an intro to this program, Matt talks with Nam Baldwin about the role breathing and routines can play on our quality of sleep. Nam gets on average 6 hours of deep sleep each day… for any of you who have wearable devices, that’s about 6 – 7 times the amount of deep restorative sleep that most of us get… Just think about how you would feel and what you could achieve if you had the best nights sleep every night…


Watch the video below and let’s get going!


The process of going to sleep can be improved through a routine. Let’s try these over the next few weeks and if you have some sort of wearable device that can track your sleep, take note of the changes that you experience.

  • Ideally no food within 2 hours of bedtime

  • Where possible, we need to dim the lights in the lead up to going to bed (2-3 hours before bedtime). For shift work this can be more challenging, so you need to simulate the sun going down, close curtains etc make the house darker where possible

  • Avoid tech devices (this includes the TV) for at least an hour before bed

  • Avoid coffee or caffeinated 6 – 8 hours before bed

Tip Sheet:

  • It’s easy to say no tech devices for at least an hour before bed but what can you do? A hot shower, read a book, stretching, spending time with your partner etc

  • Your room needs to be dark and cold to get the best quality sleep. Not so easy if you are doing shift work or trying this in the Australian summer. If you don’t have total blackout blinds, you will need to find a way of doing this. We have heard or people putting up the foil on their windows to block out all the light as a temporary solution. The ideal temperature to sleep is 18 degrees, a fan or air conditioning might be needed.

  • Nam has recorded a breathing practice for you to listen to whilst going to sleep. Have a listen to it as you are going to bed listening to it here (THE SWITCH)

  • Understand that good quality sleep starts in the morning – see if you can follow Nam’s wake up routine. Oxygenate, hydrate, invigorate, appreciate and anticipate

I’m grateful that we have the opportunity to provide you and your team with resources that we KNOW will elevate your wellbeing.


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