Game Plan for Wellbeing – Episode 2

Game Plan For Wellbeing

Matt Elliott, The Change Room Founder, talks with our mentor Dr Ali Walker about how you can increase your connection during the Covid Pandemic and lockdown restrictions. Dr Walker is an expert on connection and human behaviour and shares her tips on what has worked for her during these challenging times. Connecting with others improves our health and wellbeing, Dr Walker’s tips are especially important when many of us cannot physically be together. Connecting with others in a way that nourishes you is scientifically proven to be the biggest impactor on improving wellbeing. Whether it be by phone, zoom, email, text or even a letter in the post we ask you to think about people in your life that you can connect or re-connect with.



Send a note of gratitude or a gift to a different person daily for 1 week using SMS, email, phone or post!

Keep in mind the old saying “If you want a friend, be a friend.”


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