Game Plan for Wellbeing – Episode 5

Game Plan For Wellbeing

It is week 5 of The Change Room Game Pan for Wellness and this one has been such a timely reminder for me.

This week our founder Matt Elliott talks with esteemed author and presenter, Angela Lockwood, about disconnecting and finding calm. Why is disconnecting so important and how can it help us? As Angela explains, we often invite lots of noise into our lives and homes which can lead to overstimulation, this, in turn, can have a negative impact on our mental health. Being able to disconnect for at least an hour a day can help us quieten that noise, feel calmer and connect with people and activities that nourish us.


Be careful what we wish for – During the lockdown, we have been given the gift of time so doing activities that nourish our bodies and souls like reading a book, gardening, or planning activities is a good way to disconnect from the everyday noise.

We are going to be out of this lockdown period soon and life will quickly become busy again. Use the next few weeks to do something every day (ideally) that is about YOU.

Tip Sheet:

Try to limit your time in front of the TV, have a break from looking at social media, turn off the notifications on your phone and get outside in the amazing spring sun 😉

Best of luck and have a great week.


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