Game Plan for Wellbeing – Episode 9

Game Plan For Wellbeing
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It’s week 9 of The Change Room Game Plan for Wellbeing.

Today Anthony Minichiello has Matt Elliott in the box seat who wants to share some insights to you on gratitude, kindness and connection during the lockdown and what this can do for your wellbeing. We are a social species that thrives on our connection and interaction with others. We know this because we are have experienced the impact of this on our wellbeing over the past few months. What we want to tap into this week is kindness and the impact that it has on your wellbeing. It seems like it is so simple but it’s amazing the impact that this will have on your wellbeing – scientifically we know that

  • Kindness makes us happier,

  • Kindness is good for the heart,

  • Kindness slows ageing,

  • Kindness improves relationships,

  • Kindness is contagious.

Matt’s challenge for you for this week is to bring an act of kindness into your day. It doesn’t have to cost you anything but take note of how this makes you feel and the impact that has on the people you connect with.


  • Reach out to a person that has had an impact on your life and let them know how grateful you are for what they did for you

Tip Sheet:

  • Don’t stop there – what other acts of kindness can you squeeze out of this week 😉

  • Spend a couple of minutes and search acts of kindness if you are out of ideas and get a few of them into your week

  • Being grateful and kind are free but the impacts on your wellbeing are profound

I’m grateful that we have the opportunity to provide you and your team with resources that we KNOW will elevate your wellbeing.


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