Wellbeing Webinar #2 – Change your relationship with stress

Wellbeing Webinar
1 min read

In our second webinar – we tackle the topic How to Change Your Relationship with Stress…

When we are presented with stressful situations, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed and unproductive which can lead to negative thought patterns and behaviours.

How do we learn, grow and use stress to our advantage?

In this session:

  • Understanding stress and the role it plays in our health and wellbeing.

  • Stress – Constructive or Chronic?

  • The effects it has on the human experience

  • Finding the balance between diet and exercise

  • Using stress to your advantage

Hosted by The Change Room Founder Matt Elliott with special guests & The Change Room Mentors:

Anthony Minichiello – Renowned health and fitness speaker and formerly named ”Best Rugby League Player In The World”.

Dr Ali Walker – Distinguished social scientist, keynote speaker and bestselling author.

Sharing their insights to help you shift from a negative state and relationship with stress and begin to use stress to your advantage.


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