Wellbeing Webinar #3 – Tapping Into Your True Potential

Wellbeing Webinar
1 min read

In our third webinar – we tackle the topic Tapping Into Your True Potential…

Want to know the key to unlocking what you are truly capable of?

In this session:

  • Why change is required for improvement – Are you changing for the better?

  • The Flow State – The Physical, Mental and Emotional Balance

  • The key to accessing your “Best-Self”

  • Crossing the bridge to the new you.

Hosted by The Change Room Founder Matt Elliott with special guests & The Change Room Mentors:

Anthony Minichiello – Renowned health and fitness speaker and formerly named ”Best Rugby League Player In The World”.

Nic Beveridge – Inspiring Keynote speaker, Australian Paralympian, Commonwealth Games medallist and World Tour Winner.

Sharing their insights on how to overcome your internal and external barriers, the importance of surrounding yourself in the right environment, and accepting your reality in order to grow and unlock your true potential.


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