Dr Ali Walker is an author, Social Scientist, and media presenter in the field of human behaviour and social psychology. Ali’s research on how this applies to leadership, group dynamics and creating thriving cultures is unparalleled. Ali has worked with such a wide range of individuals and understands the unique challenges of turning theory into action.

Ali shares her research through engaging and entertaining stories on how human connection and social interactions are linked to happiness, wellbeing, and improving your life expectancy.

Ali has an infectious energy that shines in front of an audience and is at her best when delivering sessions that cover:

  • Leadership and high-performing teams
  • Increasing life expectancy through the power of belonging and human connection
  • How to read the patterns in your relationship, team, family or organisational culture
  • Understanding your connection type & how this impacts group dynamics
  • Creating Psychological safety in teams
  • Tools that high-performing teams use to improve team communication & output


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