With over 28 years of unparalleled experience in the global health, fitness, and wellbeing industries, Nam emerges as a distinguished expert in emotional and physiological intelligence and peak human performance.

His relentless pursuit of understanding success in high-pressure environments has made him a sought-after figure among elite athletes, teams, and business leaders. Nam possesses a rare talent for demystifying the science behind brain and body performance, simplifying complex concepts into actionable strategies.

Nam’s sessions focus on improving our performance and uses an interactive and engaging presentation style to cover the following topics:

  • The Science of Breathing and Emotional State: Delving into practices that transition from stress to calm, leveraging the power of breath to regulate emotions effectively.
  • Breathing Practices for Decision-Making and Communication: Exploring techniques that enhance clarity and effectiveness in decision-making and communication, even in high-pressure scenarios
  • Unlocking Performance through Recovery: Sharing key practices that optimise energy levels, enhance sleep quality, and elevate overall wellbeing, ultimately leading to enhanced performance in all facets of life.


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