Rowdy McLean is Australia’s most experienced leadership speaker and mentor. An expert in both business and leadership who works with organisations across the globe delivering more than 1200 presentations to over 1,000,000 people in 17 countries.

His two best-selling books Play a Bigger Game and Leadability have been published in 7 countries and was recently voted Australia’s best Public Speaker. Rowdy has over 30 years experience, study and research into what makes leaders great, what gets in the way of that greatness and how to build great leaders that drive great businesses.

​Rowdy’s sessions can cover:

  • How to play a bigger game – in health, work and life
  • Leadability – the foundations that allow great leaders to inspire their workforce
  • Simplicity in business – the art of streamlining to improve performance
  • Cultural dynamics – creating a thriving and performing culture
  • Customer Service – Creating an environment that produces exceptional customer outcomes