Through Matt’s 20 + years experience as an NRL Head Coach, his relentless pursuit was to discover how to merge wellbeing with high performance for his team.

These techniques whilst refined in high-performance sports are applicable to ALL individuals and teams looking to be better… And it’s not just theory, in the early 2000’s Matt was diagnosed with a serious autoimmune disease that doctors said he’d be stuck with for the rest of his life. After a year of constant pain and suffering, he turned to cutting-edge techniques being used in sports that cured him of his disease.

Through this turnaround in his health and Matt’s fascination with the link between leadership, wellbeing, recovery and performance, began the foundations of  The Change Room as it stands today.

Matt is so passionate about sharing practices that enable people to find a better way and is at his best across the following topics

  • Leadership and communication strategies when the pressure is on
  • Mental health and self-care processes to enable you and your team to flourish
  • The role of emotions under stress and tools to improve decision making under pressure
  • Improved ability to understand and control our mental and emotional states
  • Creating a Leadership Mindset for your organisation
  • Authentic leadership


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