The Change Room was founded in 2016 by Matt Elliott after a lightbulb moment. In overcoming some personal health problems through the application of many high-performance techniques he has picked up and used in over 21 years of coaching professional athletes, Matt realised that these tools were not only applicable to improving performance but also everyday life to improve an individuals health and wellbeing.

Matt Elliott paired up with John Daley to develop a way in which these high-performance tools could be used to provide a life-changing opportunity for people who, like himself, were looking to overcoming injury and adversity through a holistic and highly effective manner.

Pulling together a team of highly renowned mentors with lived experience of overcoming injury, and subject matter expertise, Matt created a platform that makes their knowledge accessible, and in doing so, The Change Room began.

Matt and the other Change Room mentors are experts in recovery, repair and resilience, and they have developed The Change Room methodology based on their work in the professional sporting and corporate worlds. 

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